Below are some of the projects that I have worked on in my free time.

πŸš€ Open Source

SwiftVideoBackground - Creator, Maintainer

πŸ“Ή Framework to Play a Video in the Background of any UIView.


MultiPeer - Creator, Maintainer

πŸ“² A wrapper for the MultipeerConnectivity framework for automatic offline data transmission between devices


RandomUserSwift - Creator, Maintainer

πŸ‘€ Framework to Generate Random Users - An Unofficial Swift SDK for


πŸš€ Selected Hackathon Projects

FlightBuddy - TAMUHack 2018
IdentiBuy - HackTober
Aid-AR - HackUTA
Bridgit - Facebook Global Hackathon Finale
Swing - MLH Prime Southwest
CleverCalorie - CodeRED 2016
Mosaic - HackTX 2016
BreathEZ - SASEHacks
synChroma - TAMUHack 2016
nullHands - PennApps 2016
SpLifter - EagleHacks
IoFood - HackUTD 2016
Telephony - IEEE/IBM Watson Showcase
ProxyChat - TAMUHack 2015
VibED - HackTX 2015